The Utah Spirit: Where to buy?
MYTH #1: You can't buy alcohol in Utah, it's a dry state.
ANSWER: FALSE.  Though you can't buy liquor, 'heavy' beer, and wine in grocery stores, you can find what you're looking for in the two State Liquor Stores in Park City (near Kimball Junction and Prospector Square).  You can purchase 3.2% beer from grocery stores.

MYTH #2: Alcohol in Utah is more expensive.
ANSWER: FALSE.  Ever bought a bottle of wine in Hawaii? Utah's prices for liquor are comparable to other states in the nation.

MYTH #3: You can't buy beer or liquor  between 1:00 AM and 10:00 AM.
ANSWER: TRUE.  Who REALLY needs to buy alcohol before 10 AM anyway?

MYTH #4: "Utah" beer is only 3.2% in alcohol content.
ANSWER: TRUE.  Beer with more than 3.5% in alcohol content is considered "heavy" beer. 

NOT A MYTH: Drink responsibly because WE do have some of the MOST strict DUI enforcement and laws in the nation.



The Utah Spirit: Where to enjoy?

MYTH #1: There are few bars or nightclubs in Park City and Salt Lake City.
ANSWER: FALSE! There are dozens of watering holes in Park City and Salt Lake City.  From brewpubs that serve award-winning microbrews to swank restaurants that offer up mind-boggling wine lists, Park City and Salt Lake are home to a vibrant and exciting nightlife.

MYTH #2: You have to have a membership to get into bars and nightclubs.
ANSWER: True and False.  You don't need a membership to buy a drink with a meal in a restaurant or beer in a tavern, but you do need to buy a temporary membership (around $5.00) to get in to Private Clubs a.k.a. cocktail bar.

MYTH #3: They only serve drinks with 1 ounce of liquor in them.
ANSWER: FALSE. Utah cocktails are now metered to have 1.5 ounce of liquor. Unfortunately, you cannot order a "double" in Utah.

MYTH #4: You can only have 'one' drink on your table at a time and must finish the one you have before being served another.
ANSWER: True.  This is one of those quirky Utah laws you've heard about.  So if you've ordered a drink and it has arrived before you've finished the one you're working on, you'll have to finish the drink in front of you before you can get your new drink. 

The Utah Spirit: Other stuff.

MYTH #1: You can pay to bobsled down the same track they used for the Olympics.
ANSWER: True! You can pay for bobsled rides down the Olympic Park, visit their website at for more information.

MYTH #2: You will get tired faster because of altitude.
ANSWER: TRUE and FALSE. If you're out of shape you will get tired walking up the stairs!  Altitude CAN affect people in different ways, so consult your physician about the altitude change before doing any strenuous exercise.

MYTH #3: You can experience altitude sickness being so high up.
ANSWER: TRUE. Unfortunately some guests may experience slight altitude sickness, especially those coming from coastal cities.  If you can't shake that icky feeling, you may want to call the local clinic or drive down to the valley to feel better. (Remember, a hangover doesn't count as altitude sickness!)

MYTH #4:
They only have Mormon churches in Utah.
ANSWER: FALSE. You will see many LDS chapels around, but there are several house of worship in and around Park City.  Visit: for worship times.

MYTH #5: Everyone in Utah is Mormon.
ANSWER: Though 60% of the population in Utah are Mormon, most of the folks in Summit County (Park City) are not.

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